​my wumbers
​The wumber philosophy "you're in control" and this is your wumber central command. As a wumble, you can manage your subscription and your wumbers from here.

Most of your day-to-day wumber process "just happens"!

But we know there will be times when you want to reconfigure something, make something better or just simply change something. So this is your wumber central command.

All of your wumber rules can be managed from here.

When you first start out, you should do some simple things like configure the default attributes from all the future wumbers that get created either manually or automatically when you send email out or create a new wumber from the smart phone app site. If you do this task now, you wont need to configure each wumber individually after its created.

You may like to set your time zone, you will definitely need to configure your forwarding email address and perhaps you might like to change your from friendly name.

If you have an idea or something that you think might make wumber even better, please let us know.

Above all, the wumber customer support team is here to assist, discuss and get involved to continue to provide you with a great and safe Internet experience.