Adding and confirming your forwarding email address is the most important part of your wumber registration process. Once your forwarding email address has been added you will receive an email to confirm your access to the forwarding email address. Once your email address has been confirmed you will be able to do other management tasks and request new wumebr features.

There are two states that your forwarding email address can be in - confirmed or unconfirmed.

You will not be able to send or receive wumbers with an unconfirmed forwarding address. If you don't maintain a working forwarding email address, any email received to your wumber subscription will have no where to be forwarded to and will be temporarily sent back to the sender. You will receive an email notification that this has happened, but you may not get it without a working email address. As this is an essential part of the registration process, if you send email from a wumber account without a confirmed forwarding address the email will not be wumber protected and will pass through the wumber system without concealing your private email address.

Once you add your forwarding address an email will be sent to the address you have entered so you can confirm that you own the forwarding address. When you get this email, usually in about 3 - 5 minutes, click on the link or paste the link into your browser URL address to confirm your forwarding email.

Once this is done, your forwarding email will be confirmed and your wumbers will flow freely. If you change your forwarding address you can update your forwarding address at wumber by deleting the current forwarding address and then adding and reconfirming the new address.

Because wumbers are immediately forwarded to your forwarding address, you must keep your forwarding address current. If your forwarding address is not kept current email will be returned to the sender and may expose your real email address to that sender.

If your forwarding address does not accept emails from the wumber system on three (3) attempts, your forwarding email address will become unconfirmed and no wumbers will be permitted out and all inbound wumbers will be sent back with a request to try again later.

If you have a free subscription with an unconfirmed forwarding address for 7-days it will be automatically deleted and all wumbers will fail as your account and its wumbers will no longer be recognized as valid user wumbers. In this event, you will need to re-register. If you are required to reregister all your existing wumbers will be lost because you will be allocated a new wumber number.